We sailed on into Fort Pierce City Marina on a sunny day and after wrangling ‘At Ease’ in stern first with a stiff breeze on our bow we settled in.  Gotta love the short docks and pilings in Florida!  I should have been raised a cowgirl but I’m working on my lassoing skills.

Our generator was not starting ‘again’ so we made the decision to hold for one week to get someone in to help Gary trouble shoot.  After securing the slip for a week, Gary decided to try the generator one more time and low and behold the sucker started right up and ran with load for 30 minutes.  This has been one frustrating piece of equipment that we need so we can spend time anchoring out especially for our trip through the Florida Keys.  But you can’t very well get a mechanic in for $500+ when the stupid thing is running!  So with two weather systems heading our way we will stay put.  Not a bad place to be stuck with a tiki bar next door, small downtown with several good restaurants, and a seafood market close by.  With the down time we are getting some supplies shipped in and finalizing our sail plans to Key West.  With perfect weather we can get there in one week.  But the weather systems keep rolling in so with all things considered we probably won’t be there for another two weeks.  Keeping our fingers crossed we arrive before December 1st so we can have a proper celebration!   

The sun setting to the west and the full moon rising to the east

View of town from the marina. Beautiful sunsets here