Despite our nomadic life style, we make sure to spend time with family.  We visited Barb and her family in May.  In September we visited with Gary’s mom and caught up with his brother, Steve before spending a week with Austin, Nicki and Oakley in San Diego.    While it was a quick trip, we spent lots of time talking, eating and maybe we had a few drinks here and there.   We were bummed we couldn’t meet up with niece Crissi and her kids McKenna and Peyton but hopefully next time. 

Back on the east coast we headed to Florida for a reunion with the Kalin side of the family.  Our nephew, Travis, his wife Tegan and their children Flynn and Amelia are visiting the US from their home in Perth, Australia.  While their mom sometimes refers to them as ‘ratbags’, at 6 and 4 Flynn and Amelia were angels among a bunch of adults who they never met before.  I believe ratbag is Aussie slang for trouble maker or someone causing havok.  In other words, a normal kid but it made me laugh.  I just may have to use that one.  We also enjoyed spending time with our nephew, Mick along with his wife Ashley and their son Mickey.  Lucky for us they live in Florida and not on the other side of the world!   What made this reunion even more special was Austin and Nicki flew in from California.  Austin was three or four years old the last time he saw Mick and Travis so this was an opportunity for the cousins to connect and hopefully stay in touch. 

Kalin Family Reunion 10/19/2019.

Ashley, Mick and Gary

With all the times we visited family in Florida while Austin was a kid, we never made it to the Kennedy Space Center.  We fixed that this trip and we loved it.  Our favorite was the bus tour through the launch pads and seeing the Vehicle Assembly Building up close.  The bus tour not only touched on the history but our guide talked quite a bit about what is currently happening with Space X and the other private interests.  Very interesting and we all were glad we went.  After dropping Nicki off at the airport, we three headed down to Ft Lauderdale where we celebrated Austin’s 27th birthday a few days early.  We bummed around for a day while he met with a business associate and then all too soon we were driving to the airport and had to say good bye again.

Vehicle Assembly Building. Photo courtesy of Austin Cairns

This moves the rockets to the launch pads. Photo courtesy of Austin Cairns

Thanks to all our family members who took time out of their busy lives to spend time with us this year and to family who care enough to stay in touch.  The family will be expanding in 2020 as both Tegan and Ashley are expecting early next year.  Mike, you are going to be busy!  

Now for us?  Hopefully the weather will be in our favor to throw the dock lines off around November 1 and head on down to the Keys.