When we set off on At Ease from the Chesapeake, our plan was to meander down the ICW and arrive at Brunswick Georgia on September 1st.  With it being so stinking hot, we were not too keen on anchoring out so we arrived a few weeks ahead of schedule and its a darn good thing we did.  Right after we got the rest of our stuff out of storage and put away on the boat Dorian started heading our way. 

We are the blue dot

With no sails or canvas, the outside of At Ease is easy to prep for a storm.  But preparing the inside for the worse case scenario meant moving things we didn’t want to lose off the boat and into our car.  And to complicate the matter, we had early morning flights to California five days after Dorian was to pass Brunswick.  With the Governor ordering a mandatory evacuation, we had to not only get the important stuff off the boat but also pack our bags for California on the chance that we would not be able to return to the boat before our scheduled departure.  We were also thinking ahead and anticipating pointing the car west and driving to California.  So pack we did and then headed off to Atlanta for a 3 day forced vacation if there is ever such a thing when you are retired.

Fourteen lines and eight fenders.  Gary left a cork upright on the counter and it was still there when we returned.

The highlights of our Atlanta trip can best be summed up in the following photos.  It was too hot to do our usual walking tour but we did navigate MARTA, their train system, and I drove through the surface streets of downtown during rush hour in search of Trader Vics.  If anyone saw a grey Toyota driving down the bike lane outside the Hilton, I plead the 5th.

Centennial Olympic Park site of the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta

Centennial Olympic Park – flags from the countries lined the fountain square

There is a gigantic ferris wheel right outside the park

We toured the World of Coca Cola and this is the safe where the recipe is stored.

Trader Vics Atlanta. There are only two in the US and we have now been to both. The other is in Emeryville California.

Sweetwater Brewing Company

We lucked out and Dorian stayed well off shore so we were able to get back on the boat the day after the storm passed us.  And we were already all packed for California!