That title pretty much sums up our current plans.  So much so that it is now the name of our blog

After we sold Sereno, we spent five weeks traveling 4000 miles crisscrossing Florida before we figured out what kind of boat we wanted.  As luck would have it, our Florida journeys took place during one of the Love Bug seasons.   Those of you from Florida are laughing right now.  Those of you in the dark, imagine driving down the freeway through swarms of a million black bugs mating.   At one point we had to pull off the road because we couldn’t see out of the windshield.  We washed and scrubbed the car every day since acid from their smashed little bodies can pit the paint on your car.  Really really gross.

Ironically after crisscrossing Florida for weeks we found ‘the boat’ in Chesapeake, Virginia and on May 30th we signed a contract.   Three weeks later we are still waiting to close.  There are a few things we wanted checked out from the survey and here on the east coast that seems to take time.  We closed on our first two boats in a week in California.  Learning patience here in the south but keeping our fingers crossed we will be on board by July 1.

So what have we been doing besides boat shopping, cleaning smashed bugs from the car, enjoying king sized beds and Hollywood showers?  We are fortunate to have family in New Jersey and Florida who where willing to take us in off the streets for a bit.  We loved our visits and are very grateful for their hospitality.  Their washers and dryers were a plus too.  Almost 40 years later we were able to return to Williamsburg, Virginia and it is as pretty as we remembered it.  I could live there if it was just a little warmer in the winter.  We were places in Florida we hadn’t been and the whole Norfolk area of Virginia was new as well.  We have stayed in over 30 hotels scoring some cheap nights in a few resorts offering mid-week deals.  If anyone needs recommendations for budget hotels in Florida and Virginia, let us know.  Tips on packing and traveling light,  we have them.  But we are looking forward to having a place to call home and unpacking after 12 weeks of living out of a suitcase.