On April 18th with heavy hearts we thanked Sereno for keeping us safe on our journeys and asked her to protect her new owners.  We loved living and traveling on Sereno but have decided to explore the rivers and inland waters of the east coast and Canada which requires a boat more suited for shallow waters and the many bridges and locks we will encounter.  It was a sad day but we are looking forward to our new adventures.

We frequently talk about our trip and the things we experienced.  Fun but also scary at times.  If you told me when I was a kid that I would be sailing in a 41 foot sailboat over 8000 nm from California to the east coast I would have said no way.  But we stepped out of our comfort zone and had a blast.  Anyway, thank you for following along.

This is the sailing vessel Sereno II out

Calm Seas

Loving the calm seas and feeling good that Sereno II took care of us during the rough parts.

Mahi Mahi 2

He was still moving and right after the picture was taken I was out of there LOL

At Anchor

Sereno II at anchor

Oakley sep 2014

Our bosun mate.  Oakley’s last day on the boat before she went to college with her brother.