We moved on board Sereno 26 months ago and according to recent articles on the internet we might be millennial’s. Ha okay maybe the age is way off but consider this. We sold everything we owned so we could experience other countries and learn to sail. We don’t buy anything except for what we need for the boat and to survive. We simply cannot fit much in our ‘tiny house’ that is smaller than most hotel rooms. That may be where the comparison ends but we are happy to see the 20 somethings spending less of their money on things and more on enjoying life.

Of course we’ve had to adapt to not having some things we like in order to have the experiences. Fruits and vegetables arrives on a nearby island on Tuesdays and Fridays. To get there we have to take a water taxi which can be fun except the days it is raining cats and dogs with lightening striking all around us. We tend to skip the veggie run those days. Canned corn anyone? We long for a good pizza and an IPA or some french cheese with a nice glass of cabernet. To satisfy some of those cravings our self reliance kicks in. We have perfected making our own pizza that is pretty darn good. I recently learned to make my own greek yogurt and sangria is becoming our signature drink on Sereno. Next up, pie crust so we can make our favorite greek pizza; I always bought a pre-made one. And perhaps ricotta cheese if I can find the right ingredients so we can make some calzones. If we can find some good ground pork to make our own sausage, the captain would be really happy.

Sangria, our signature drink on Sereno

Sangria, our signature drink on Sereno

Fair winds,