We must be crazy!   I’ve said this to myself several times over the past two years.  Gary and I are fair weather conservative cruisers.  If the weather and sea conditions aren’t good we ain’t going.   We have no desire to scare ourselves silly.  We are now in the single digit latitudes which means we are pretty close to the equater and it is stinking hot and humid (yah for air conditioning) with a lot of lightening and thunder thrown in during what is now the rainy season.    We have a healthy respect for lightening having grown up in New Jersey and spent a fair amount of time in Florida.  We’ve kept moving south to get out of the hurricane box which puts us in one of the top places for lightening.  For those wishing they could trade places with us, consider this.   You are on a 28 hour passage in a 41 foot sailboat 10 miles off the coast of Costa Rica.  What is predicted to be a calm day turns ugly with confused seas and constant lightening from early afternoon until 4:00 am the next day.  With only one hour of sleep your eyes are glued to the radar so you can weave around rain cells hoping to stay dry and avoid a lightening strike to the 65 foot lightening rod (aka mast) attached to your boat.  If that happens all your electronics will be fried.  While the cockpit is fully covered, it is canvas.  So you and everything in the cockpit is soaking wet.  The rain I can handle.  The lightening is flat out scary.

Crazy?   Most definitely!   But the next day when we are out exploring our new ‘home’ for awhile the scary passage is filed under lessons learned.

Most of our posts are about the good, cocktails and beautiful destinations.  A lot of work goes into making the good happen, which is affectionately referred to by cruisers as ‘fixing your boat in exotic locations’.  So I thought I would share a little about the bad because after all, this is our day-to-day life we are not on vacation.  Now the ugly would be sharing how the hose that flushes the waste tank was clogged last week but I think I’ll spare you those details 🙂 .