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So happy to have the Gulf of Tehuantepec behind us.  We watched it blowing gale force for weeks with hardly any break and then we got the three day window we were waiting for to cross the nearly 250 nm.   We had some wind to fill the sails our first day but on our second day the bay was as calm as a lake.  Apparently the sea turtles were tired from weeks of big seas because we saw hundreds of them on the surface sleeping that day.  Instead of going around long lines we were steering around turtles, which was a lot more fun.  We also saw for the first time shrimp swimming on the surface.  I was thinking dinner but as Gary pointed out, we don’t have a net on board to catch them.  Ugh, they would have been so tasty with a nice cold one.

The only issue we had with this crossing was we were going too fast.  Even though we slowed the boat down and Gary had to dodge shrimping boats for two hours we still reached the marina around midnight the second night.  We never enter an unknown harbor in the dark so we spent the next six hours hanging outside.We are currently in our last Mexican port in Marina Chiapas, fifteen miles from Guatamala.  It is hot and we are so happy we stayed in San Diego a little longer to install the air conditioner.