The water is yuck in Ixtapa Marina and at sunset the crocodiles start swimming around looking for their dinner. Isla Grande is a little island right outside the bay where the people in the hotels come out to play. Think jet skis, para-gliders, big yachts and beach bars. So we left the marina for the last time and anchored at the island for a day to swim off the boat in the clean water. The ocean swells were shifting around in the evening and coming right in the bay so by nightfall we were anchored back in Bahia Zihuatanejo. The clean, warm water was a nice treat since it has been so hot and humid.




Speaking of para-gliders, here there are no spotters on the boat. One got tangled up in the antennas of a power boat at anchor in Bahia Zihuatanejo while we were there. Luckily the woman had only minor injuries but all the antennas were ripped off the power boat. Something to think about if you get the urge to para-glide on your next Mexican vacation.