This is as far as we took the boat last year before turning around.  The hotel at this marina is by far one of the prettiest we have ever seen.  Built in to a hillside overlooking the marina and town it is just a perfect setting.  Rustic gardens, a meandering pool and the massive artwork and beautiful architecture is breathtaking.  And of course we had the french baker delivering pastries to our boat again.  Despite a lovely setting, the hotel is not very full.  They just don’t seem to draw in the people even though there is an airport close by and from what we hear a really nice golf course.  So Lou, you might check this place out!  If you want to see our pictures from last year, click here.

When we arrived in the Chamela and Barra area, we were very happy to see not much damage from Hurricane Patricia.  The strongest on record at a Category 5, we feared for the small towns and the landscape.  With the exception of some roofs, we see little damage.  This stretch of coast is not very populated.  Had it gone in closer to Puerto Vallarta it would be a different story.  There was one tanker that got caught in the hurricane.  We took this picture just as we were leaving Barra Navidad heading south.  They ended up against the cliffs, luckily no one was injured.  Apparently they haven’t developed a plan for getting it out of there.  You can’t see from this picture but there is a huge rock off the bow.

Hurricane Patricia

Looking forward to some new adventures as we head into the lower latitudes!

Happy Birthday to my Captain, best friend and love!  I wouldn’t be having these amazing experiences if it were not for you!