After a 50 hour sail we pulled in to Marina La Cruz in Banderas Bay the morning of New Year’s Eve.  Our original plan was to do one overnight to Mazatlan but the sea state was so uncomfortable in that direction we fell off to the east and headed down here.  That smoothed things out a bit but it was still bumpy all the way until just a few miles before the marina.   After two nights with no sleep there was no partying for us on New Years Eve!

In our minds the only good thing about a night passage is the sky.  Many years ago when we were in high school and starting our junior year, the school we were attending closed and a new one was opened.  During the planning phase the parents in the school district were asked to vote on whether the school should have a swimming pool or planetarium.  Us kids had visions of becoming the next Mark Spitz and our parents…… hmmmm what the heck were they thinking?   Another Carl Sagan??   Yes, we had the only school in the entire state of New Jersey or maybe east of the Mississippi with a planetarium.  It probably was used by less than a quarter of the student body but of course now I wish I had taken the class.  The sky is mesmerizing at night. Shooting stars and bright planets. An orange moon rising on the horizon, which actually startled me because it was a half moon and I thought it was a ship appearing out of nowhere.  I pass the time trying to identify the stars I know and love having a moon to light the ocean.  When our nephew Mickey was born in the early 80’s we had a star named after him because that seemed like a cool thing to do at the time.  I wonder if it is still out there.  Yes, I should have taken that science class and a Spanish class as well 🙂

Thank you to all who have read our blog this past year.  In 2015 we had visitors from 49 countries.  Gary and I wish everyone good health and much laughter in 2016.


Marina La Cruz is surrounded by beautiful mountains