After arriving in Ensenada, Gary and I decided to take a land trip to San Diego for the Fourth of July fireworks. A bus ride to Tijuana, a stroll over the bridge, US Customs and Immigration, a ride on the San Diego trolley and four hours later we were having lunch at Ballast Point Brewery in downtown San Diego. We hit several of our favorite bars and restaurants plus a few new ones. The fireworks were not as great as the feasts in Gary’s hometown of Netcong NJ, but interesting in that they were going off identically in four different locations around the bay. That was impressive.

San Diego fireworks

San Diego fireworks

After two days we headed back to Ensenada. Getting off the trolley we followed the crowd crossing over to Mexico and then they all disbursed. Customs? Immigration? Does anyone want to see our passports? We kept looking around thinking somehow we bypassed a gate or door we were supposed to enter. I guess they just let anyone walk into Tijuana. Good thing I didn’t toss our tourist cards!

The day after returning we heard from Austin that he got a job offer in San Diego with a start date in six days. This was awesome news the only problem, he was still living in Arizona. So as he started to pack up his apartment and prepare Oakley, we looked at short term housing options with a four legged family member. One word, expensive!

One of the great things about our life is we can move our home at a moments notice. Three days later we threw off the dock lines and sailed Sereno II twelve hours up to San Diego so Austin, Nicki, and Oakley would have a place to live while looking for something to rent. We were going to bring her up in August for a few weeks anyway. So here we are enjoying the restaurant scene and getting our fill of food, cocktails and craft beer we can’t get in Mexico. And of course enjoying their company, flying dog hair and all.

If you are in the neighborhood, stop in. No room at the inn with four adults and a lively Sheltie on board, but sundowners in the cockpit are always nice.