I opened Facebook the other day and a 1 year memory post popped up with a picture of me toasting the day I retired. One year already?! It got me thinking about all the changes. My hair is now sun bleached and we both have killer tans. Our living space is smaller than an average apartment. Home can be anchored off a beautiful beach, a rolly anchorage, or docked at a Mexican resort. Laundry is sometimes a half mile walk so wearing the same shorts a few days in a row is the norm. We buy only what groceries we can both carry back to the boat and fit in to our small refrigerator. We eat out more often because it is relatively cheap and way more fun than cooking on a small stove. Our old brains are learning Spanish very slowly. Looking back, after the trauma of selling off all our possessions, the transition to life on a boat has been fairly easy. I’m still way out of my comfort zone with the sailing part, but I’m working on it.

But for right now, our tourists visa’s are up and we are heading out of Dodge. Lucky for us, the end of our 180 day limit in Mexico coincides with Austin’s graduation from Arizona State University. So on May 4th we begin our trek to Arizona. It will take us two days to get there but that is only to reduce my stress. The airport is three hours away by bus and you know all those scenarios that run through your head. What happens if the bus gets a flat tire or breaks down, a major traffic jam (strike that this is Baja not LA Lol) etc, etc. So instead of crazed Cindy, we will enjoy a nice evening in San Jose Del Cabo with a short cab ride to the airport the next day. Can not wait to see Austin and Oakley!