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When we go out to dinner we really enjoy sitting at the bar so we can meet people. In Mexico there are very few restaurants that have a sit down bar. We lucked upon one the other night by chance. We needed reservations at the restaurant we wanted to go to so a guy who looked like he was a member of the band that was setting up recommended we try El Presidio. As luck would have it we scored. This place had a real bar with barstools and we sat down next to a lovely couple who have lived in Mazatlan for a few years. So we got the low down on where to go the next evening, which was Saturday.

Plazuela Machado is the place to be for people watching, both locals and tourists, on a Saturday night. This is the central plaza for Old Town Mazatlan. It is surrounded by restaurants with entertainment and craft vendors.

We arrived around 5 PM when the restaurants were just setting up their tables.

Tables waiting for diners

Tables waiting for diners

There were several girls all dressed up each having a photo shoot. I mean like hundreds of pictures taken. This is the celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday called La Quincenra.

La Quincenra celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday

We wanted to get some pictures of the streets before sunset so we set out walking the surrounding area.

Mazatlan 1

Mazatlan 2

Mazatlan 3

Mazatlan 4

Mazatlan 5

Plaza 2


A few blocks away is the Cathedral, Basilica De La Inmaculada Concepcion. Construction was finished in 1899 and the crown jewel is the pipe organ, built in France by Aristides Cavaillie. It is believed that the organ was first played in May 1899.


Cathderal 2

We could only sneak one picture of the inside as there was a wedding going on and another one waiting. From the number of brides we saw it appeared that there was a wedding scheduled every hour.

Wedding in the Cathedral

Wedding in the Cathedral

It appears this pretty flower girl was awarded a big bag of candy for being a good girl. Notice that her lipstick matches her bow.

Pretty flower girl

Pretty flower girl

And this little guy was all decked out in his tuxs.

The red sneakers match his bow tie.  What a cutie

The red sneakers match his bow tie. What a cutie

Here is one of the many bride and grooms we saw

Bride & Groom

The bride and grooms ride

Wedding Car

One of the things I learned early on after moving to California is that family is very important to Mexicans and they so love children! We see that daily here and we really enjoy watching them interact. We have watched several weddings from afar and it is always a large festive family event. The wedding guests are all dressed ‘to the nines’. The men in suits and the women of all ages dressed in ball gowns. What always catches my attention is the shoes. I can’t wear heels. But here women of all ages wear stiletto heels and high platforms. I wanted Gary to start taking pictures of the shoes but NOT.

As the sun set, restaurants came alive and music filled the air with the sounds of Mexico.

Tables empty earlier are now full

Tables empty earlier are now full

Plazuela Machado 1

Plazuela Machado 2

Plazuela Machado 3

Plazuela Machado 4

Mazatlan 6

Mazatlan 7

Up to now the food we have had in Mexico is ‘good simple food’, mostly mom and pop restaurants. Here in Mazatlan, the food is more complex with an international flare. Though we like simple food, it was a nice change to have some more complex flavors and variety. And restaurants have actual wine and cocktail lists. Typically your choice for vino (wine) is one blanco (white) or one rojo (red) LOL. Sadly, no craft beer.

Here is our ride. Pulmonias are unique to Mazatlan. They are open air and a lot like golf carts but much faster. We were told that they are cheaper than a taxi, but not from our experience! You pay the same price for the privilege of smelling gas fumes and praying you don’t go flying out when the driver is swerving in and out of traffic like the Indiana Jones Ride at Disneyland.


A great martini

A great martini