Actually we have been on the boat a little longer than that. I can honestly say it feels like home. The few items we kept from the house help and the layout of the boat and comfy beds make it easy to live aboard. We bought a pasta pot today and along with our pasta machine we brought with us hope to be making fresh pasta on board soon.

Austin surprised us with a visit over 4th of July to see the new home and escape the Arizona heat. We had just put the new name and home port on so we were so excited that he was here for the de-naming and naming ceremony. Champaign was flowing for the Gods and for Gary 🙂

We took Austin for a sail and it was a great day topped off with fireworks over the San Diego Bay. We have a fishing pier right behind our slip and as we were coming in we hooked a fishing line. Not sure if the guy lost his pole LOL. Gary had to dive the boat to see if we had the line wrapped around the prop. It was not and no sign of the pole.

And Oakley is now on board. The 100+ temps in Tempe are too hot for a Sheltie with a lot of fur so she will be with us until fall. She has adapted very well to boat life, finding the cool spots where the sea breeze comes in through the hatch. We work and she sleeps :). We thought we would have to carry her up and down the stairs but she is flying up and down them herself. Has only crashed once so far. The occasional military jet flying overhead is freaking her out a bit but we are thinking (hoping) she will get used to it.

Our most exciting news (though we are always excited to see Austin and he comes back tomorrow for 5 days!) is we registered for the Baha Ha-Ha. This is a rally of 100+ sailboats and power boats from San Diego to Cabo San Lucus approximately 750 miles. We leave on October 27th and arrive on November 6th. Two other crew members will be on board as there are at least two overnight passages (Gary has done many overnight passages, Cindy 0!). So our to-do list is long and we will be balancing between getting the boat ready and the beach, reading, sight seeing (after all we are new to San Diego) and happy hours. This week we installed a 75 pound Rocna anchor and 225 feet of chain (we do all the work ourselves). We will not drag at anchor!! We got our ships FCC license as well as Gary’s operator license. Next up is probably additional solar panels and new batteries (wind generator at some point). Love the fact that we will be off the grid.