One week ago Gary and our friend Richard sailed Sereno from Oxnard to our temporary home port of San Diego. I had to drive the car and stay the night in a hotel. I’m not usually a lucky person however upon check-in I received an upgrade to a junior suite overlooking the bay. So at 7:00 am the next morning I was able to watch Sereno II sail past the balcony of my hotel. Unfortunately my iPhone camera did not capture a good picture, but here they are arriving at Chula Vista Harbor.
They had an uneventful 26 hour sail. They could have arrived 4 hours earlier but slowed down so they could arrive after day break.

On Father’s Day we had our first sail in the bay. Light winds so we motored the entire time but it is always fun to see familiar land from the water. While San Francisco Bay is more picturesque, San Diego is much warmer. Here is the ‘happy Father’ relaxing while the crew (aka me) is at the helm chauffeuring him around to see the sights 🙂

We went from cargo ships to Navy ships. Here is the US Navy Ship Bob Hope. Unlike cargo ships that just appear, the Navy announces their departure so you are forewarned.
bob hope

I have not thought of work one single minute. Friends yes, work no. We spend our time doing things around the boat, planning, and playing. Today we polished some of the steel, went to the beach and started planning our 1st trip out which will be to Oceanside, CA. It is about 30 miles up the coast and should take 6 hours or so. Not sure if we will come straight back here or head further north. We don’t have to decide until we get to Oceanside since we will have our home and all our stuff with us!

What do I miss from land? The last week we were in Oxnard our heater blanket because it was foggy and freaking cold. My salad spinner because I hate soggy lettuce. Other than that (plus Austin and Oakley), not a thing. Enjoying the new life style.