As friends and family know there have been a lot of changes for Gary and I in the last few months. After selling Sereno we made the decision to try this lifestyle on a full time basis. We quickly started selling off everything we owned, put the house on the market, sold it in one day and closed in thirty days, I retired a week later and we started on a 31 day adventure to find our boat. Eleven hotels, 1500+ miles and according to Gary’s calculations 67 restaurants, 59 Manhattan cocktails, 287 beers we found our new home a 41 foot Hunter Deck Salon, Sereno II. We are no longer living out of suitcases but we went from a walk-in closet to one that is 3 X 4. Talk about down sizing! We could not have done this without the support of Steve and Bonnie on finding a terrific buyer for our home, my sister Barb who is storing the one box of keepsakes we could not part with, is receiving our mail and paying our ‘land’ bills and our son Austin who is looking forward to coming home wherever home may be.

We are currently in Oxnard, CA and will be moving the boat to San Diego in a few weeks. Much to learn going from a 30 foot boat to one that is 41 feet. I wasn’t sure I was going to start blogging again but Francis Chapman said I had to :). Will try and keep you entertained, Francis.