A couple of months ago I posed a question on a popular cruising forum ( Whats your favorite cocktail after you anchor or tie up from a day on the water? ). My post had over 5000 lookers from around the World and about 120 replies so far. Just thought you might like to see some of the more interesting cocktail recipes.    Cheers!     G.

My own homemade banana, vanilla, caramel flavored rum. a shot at room temp.
Atoll’s internationally famous rum punch aka “knicker remover”,guarenteed to get charter guests in bed by 8 pm,young women frolicking,older women pole dancing and old salts singing…..
for a pitcher use,1/2 bottle dark rum,1/2 liter fresh orange juice,1/2 liter pinapple juice,a dash of angostura bitters,100 ml grenadine syrup,water from 1 drinking coconut,fill pitcher with ice,serve with deep fried salted coconut chips.
Ah, cocktail hour. When my father is on board, the passage plan
must show the anchor down by 16:30, or he will not approve it.Our
faves:1. Gin martini with olives, on the rocks. Just a drop of
2. G&T
3. Pimm’s Cup
4. An unnamed one which I made up, a
modified screwdriver — vodka, orange juice, cayenne pepper sauce.
Just a simple Vodka Martini/olive. Used to like Gin but I tink it starred ta messs up me hhaed..hed…..head!
Our internationally famous rum punch is called “Joy Juice” – not designed to
remove any knickers, but to SPREAD THE JOY. (Our boat is s/v More Joy
Everywhere. Yes, sometimes the irony gets pretty thick.)
The Joy Juice
recipe is super top secret. Just kidding. Take a two quart pitcher. Add one
quart of juice. Like mango, orange, grapefruit, pineapple, and/or papaya, and
include a dash of grenadine -pretty color. One quart alcohol. Various rums
(coconut, mango, dark, spiced – but I NEVER use bacardi paint thinner),
vodka (maybe flavored), and a few splashes of amaretto, and/or other liquors
that might be yummy, like chambord or grand marnier. Serve with a bit of ginger
ale, club soda, or sprite for the wimps who can’t take it straight up
My favorite cocktail after anchoring is
a good agua de XXX whatever fruit i can find–limon, pina, mango, melon,
whatever–NO alcohol. and fresh water,not
mineralized bubble water..yukkkkkky
stuff, that.
I guess my choice of cocktail depends where we are at anchor and what
I have available.Morning in a beautiful quiet spot- a mimosa is a
beautiful way to start the day. Usually, on a mooring or dock because you
tend to get lazy even after one.
In Mexico,the drink
was rum with pineapple, touch of orange,mango and guava juices. With that much
vitamin C it’s no wonder cruisers are a healthy bunch!! Or a regular ol’
margarita- on rocks with salt. Back home recently I ordered a margy- they
brought the frozen stuff-ugh! Forgot they made those.
friends have started us doing a sort of margarita- only they use silver
tequila,triple sec and they squeeze in fresh grapefruit juice. It’s a refreshing
change & not so sweet.Of course, enjoying a beautiful sunset-Grand
Mariner in a crystal glass is perfect!
Just whack the top off the coconut, and add a splash of rum, it doesn’t get any
better than that.
Good rum & coconut water. Simple, natural, and 100% tropical ingredients.