A picture of our first sailboat almost 30 years ago on lake Berryessa in Napa County, CA. It was a 14 footer and plenty fast. We trailered that boat to a few different lakes in Northern Ca sometimes camping with our 2 dogs. Fun times!

The story of why and how we got started sailing began the summer before Cindy and I moved to California. It was 1982, and I worked for Xerox at the time. My team had decided to have a BBQ party at a lake in New York State. At the time, we lived in New Jersey. A couple of the guys had brought boats. A ski boat, the one I wanted to get on and a Force 5 sailboat. While waiting for a chance to go skiing my friend with the sailboat kept asking and asking to take me out sailing. I really had no interest but eventually caved in. Within a minute of the wind catching that sail I was hooked. I’m not sure why I guess maybe the interaction of wind and water but hooked I was. Ok call me a ‘sailboat junkie’ the passion for sailing has never wavered.

Oh and by the way our first sailboat…A Force 5.