Every Sunday morning our day starts with our signature breakfast. Over easy egg on ciabatta half roll. Its not so much the dish but the process that intrigues me. Cindy and I are both talented in the kitchen but transferring that expertise to a galley of a boat is challenging. I start by heating the gas grill on the stern while Cindy slices the ciabatta roll and sharp cheese in the galley. Like a well oiled machine she passes me her contribution up to my waiting hands in the cockpit. Cindy has the timing down perfect as she starts frying the eggs while I first grill the rolls then add the cheese. After just a few minutes the rolls are piping hot with the cheese dripping down the sides. I then pass the dish back down to Cindy in the galley where she tops the rolls with the egg. Meanwhile I have the table ready to go in the cockpit and again the dish is handed up to me and set on the table. Coffee follows along with the silverware. This well choreographed event  takes place evey weekend with hardly a word spoke between us. We don’t need to I guess.   We’ve got it down.