The chores were starting to add up again on Sereno so Oakley and I headed down to the marina today. On our list was installing a 12 volt outlet at the helm. I plan on using my smartphone as a chartplotter sometimes and it would be nice to be able to keep it charged while doing so. The front hatch has had an annoying little leak so I’m going to replace the gasket on it. And last on the list today Oakley and I will be putting a new port side jib sheet on.

In my past career I had lots of helpers and trained many apprentices. Some of these men wanted to learn and were very good. Some just wanted a paycheck. Work sometimes requires a couple more hands and two heads are always better than one. Oakley as it turns out is no help whatsoever. With a full belly and a cool breeze blowing thru the cabin she made herself right at home. No paycheck for Oakley but she knows the dinner bowl will be full at the end of the day so, What the Hell.