We have spent most of our time working on the inside of Sereno so now we need to work on the outside. This weekend we replaced four very ugly windows. We had each plexiglass window custom made by a local company. We then had to heat each one up with a heat gun on one side and a small propane heater on the other so we could shape them to the curve of the boat. Each window was then adhered to the boat by a rubber cement that is used to install windows in tall buildings. I am still trying to get the stuff off my hands before I go to work tomorrow. It was a hot weekend to be using heat guns but it was well worth it to return the windows to their original design.

Each window takes some time to dry so it is seriously impacting our sailing time. But our marina neighbor who lives aboard a 61 foot power boat always says it is all about balance. So we got in a short sail Friday night followed by ribeyes on the Barbie.