Not only is this the first boat we have owned that we can live on, this is our first experience spending a lot of time on the water.  We grew up around fresh water lakes and spent time at the Jersey Shore but now we are living every weekend actually on salt water.  We drink our morning coffee watching the families of ducks and Canadian geese and the fishing boats heading out.  The Carquinez Strait receives the waters of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers as they drain into the San Francisco Bay.  You might remember Humphrey the errant humpback whale who made national news by swimming up the Carquinez Strait in 1985.  We are learning about the tides as that determines when we can sail and in which direction.  The deep water channel that runs the length of the Strait is heavily traveled by cargo ships transporting oil from the refineries in the Benicia area as well as goods to and from Sacramento.  The ships travel very slowly through the channel and while it is very cool to watch, it can be a pain in the butt for us as it sometimes interferes with our ability to tack back and forth through the Strait.  Obviously the big guy has the right of way 🙂 Yesterday we had one of the largest ships yet come through while 2 barges were ‘parked’ in the Strait waiting for it to pass.  Each vessel is accompanied by at least 2 tug boats.  I’ve included a picture of one of the tugs here.  It is really a site to watch these tugs turn a huge cargo ship around and then push it up to the dock.  This is so much more fun then spending our weekends in Rocklin!