I had my first sail with Austin on Friday evening and it started out normal enough.  But as Austin was steering us around a tanker that was anchored outside of our marina we noticed a line of 4 foot waves heading in our direction.  This was a bit unusual in the Carquinez Strait.  We hit it bow first which sent us straight up out of the water.  Water crashed everywhere and dishes went flying.  We were all so excited about that adventure we didn’t realize how close to the shore we were until we grounded out.  Since the tide was coming in we only had to wait 10 minutes and we were able to get the bow turned around and we motored out.   Not your typical sailing adventure but we went on and enjoyed some good winds followed by a great dinner in town.

Because of the tides on Saturday, Gary and I planned on being on the water for 5 hours that day.  That went off as planned but Mother Nature was not exactly cooperating.  While we had great wind most of the day the seas were very choppy.  No waves but 3 to 4 foot swells with white caps coming from all directions.   The San Pablo Bay was especially bad with the confluence of rivers and the San Francisco Bay.  Not the most ideal situation for someone who is prone to seasickness.  But our first 2 hours and the last hour was great sailing, so perhaps it was worth it 🙂 And Gary got some time in single handing the boat.  This did give us a chance to see Sereno handle some rough waters as well as a wave out of nowhere and she did great.  We are still not sure where the wave came from but since we are in the bay area perhaps there was some earthquake activity.