It is official.  We put the name on the transom Saturday morning and gave Poseidon, God of the Sea, some champagne and toasted Sereno.  Some say we were supposed to do the ceremony naked, but we decided to skip that since we were in a marina.  Had we been out on the hook, well maybe 🙂  We celebrated with a sunset sail and cocktails.

Gary and I love to eat out and usually sit at the bar so we can meet interesting people.  Last night we met Jeff.  He was our age (more on that later) and very drunk when we got there.  He told us straight out that he was drunk.  What do you expect when you are drinking cosmopolitan’s (really!?).  Divorced 3 times, twice to the same lady.  A power boat guy telling me about his ideas for a romantic evening on his boat (we did take mental notes for later).  About his age.  Looked about 58 and kept switching his year of birth.  Well whatever.  Entertained we were.

We had a very productive weekend on Sereno.  Two great sails, work accomplished and beautiful weather.  I worked the sails a little and my muscles are sore but all is good.