Oakley went on her first sail on Friday with Gary and Austin.  They both reported that she loved the boat and had no problems while under sail.  By the picture she seemed very bold.  I’m thinking we need nets around the cockpit if she insists on standing on the seats!

Saturday the winds were calm so we ended up motoring up to and under the Carquinez Bridge and sailed slowwwwwly back.  And twice we didn’t have enough speed and a power boat spun us around.  A helpless feeling when your boat is going one way and you are turning the wheel the other way.  But no harm done. It was a hot day in Benicia but as the sun was going down we had our first dinner, Pasta Fagioli, on the boat.  A very peaceful and relaxing day and evening.

On Sunday we finally got the old name off the boat.  What an ordeal trying to get the adhesive off.  Goo Off, 409, paint thinner, comet and good old fashioned elbow grease.  But now she is ready for her new name.  That will come with the challenge of backing the boat into the slip 🙂  Have I mentioned that Gary gets migraines.  My biggest fear has been that he will get one while we are out.  Well, that monkey is off my back now.  Yup during 15-20 knot winds today he got one.  So I just kept tacking back and forth for 20 minutes waiting for the lights to stop flashing in his eyes.  I guess you could say I was single handing.  Yikes!  We missed wind today but I know there will be other good sailing days in the bay.