We went to the Oakland boat show over the weekend.  It was a good thing we purchased Sereno before we went to the show or we would probably still be looking with unrealistic expectations.  We saw many awesome new and newer boats.  We really liked the 40 and 42 foot Sabre boats (42 is pictured).  Very well-built with a traditional feel in the cabin.  If we ever do liveaboard, we determined it would have to be at least 40 – 42 feet.  A 38 still doesn’t have the conveniences we would want for a liveaboard.   Just for fun we also went on a 50 foot sailboat, a 46 foot catamaran and a 63 foot powerboat.  Luxury to the max!

We made our first trip under the Benicia/Martinez bridge.  It is actually three spans.  Even though we knew the mast would fit based on our charts, we both still looked up as we were passing under LOL.  Our first encounter with traffic getting back into our slip was a 14 foot sunfish being sailed by a couple clearly on their first outing in the boat.  I know because I remember our first outing 25 years ago.  There was a lot of current at the time so there was no way we could stop with yachts on either side of us.  I imagine we looked like the big tankers we encounter out in the channel so they gladly got out of our way when I signaled that we needed to turn to starboard.  Collision averted.