The weather was gorgeous and we were able to sail both Saturday and Sunday.   The winds were on the calm side so I was able to learn more about wind direction and the reaction to the sails and didn’t scare myself once.  I’m learning about the different lines from Gary, but I really need to hit the weights if I’m going to ever be able to raise the main sail!  Each weekend we learn new things about Sereno like where the emergency tiller goes should the steering go out (very important!).  We have our routine down for tying the boat back up and are learning how Sereno steers which helps for making a graceful exit from and entrance to the slip.

The new cushions look great and brighten up the cabin.  The last task for the inside right now is finding some rugs.  Now on to the outside.  Buffing the stainless steel and removing any rust stains that I guess are common on boats is our next project (or should I say ongoing project).

We read that this is a very physical life.  It certainly is, but it is fun.  We look forward to Martini Time in the cockpit after a great day of sailing.  We can sit back and admire our accomplishments for the day both out on the water and on the boat.  I’m still amazed that Sereno is actually ours.