Finally the weather gods cooperated and I was able to sail on Sereno for the first time since we bought her three weeks ago.  It was great fun.  Yesterday we had rain and high winds.  Today was clear and the winds died down some but we still hit gusts up to 20 knots with choppy conditions.  Not the most ideal conditions for my first time at the helm.  I scared myself a few times but for the most part everything went well.  Gary did a great job with the sails.  At one point we had a motor boat pass us and their wake turned us 180 degrees.  The current was so strong I just had to roll with it.  Lucky I didn’t care at the time which direction I was going 🙂

The weather is looking good for next weekend.  We will have our new cushions back by then and looking foward to spending the weekend enjoying the boat after putting so much time in working on her.  Gary’s new glass rack is finished and looks great.  We are hoping for a good day of sailing on Saturday and then back for martini time.

I just have one question.  We have been home a few hours now and I’m wondering when the house will stop rocking 🙂