Gary sailed Sereno to Benicia last weekend.  The previous owner was more than happy to crew with Gary so he could have one last sail on her.  We spent last weekend and this weekend getting her cleaned up.  Gary is still figuring out all the systems.  We are beginning to think that learning to sail her will be easier than figuring out the boat itself!  Lucky both the previous owners kept all the receipts, paperwork and manuals in binders so we have everything we need.  This is a tradition we need to keep up though I may have to put a sticky on Gary’s forehead to remind him not to throw receipts out 🙂  As luck would have it, the great weather we were experiencing in northern California gave out just when we got Sereno home.  So unfortunately we haven’t been able to take her out yet and next weekend more storms are forecast.  What a bummer.  I told Gary to go down to the boat on a clear day this week and I’m sure he will find someone willing to go sailing with him for a few hours 🙂

We are having fun picking out things we need for the boat.  The hardest so far is finding rugs to fit some of the areas.  The boat has a fiberglass floor, no wood, so a few area rugs are a must to keep it looking somewhat clean and a little warmer on the cold mornings.  There are two things the previous owner left on the boat that we decided have to stay.  You see he is a Reverend and he had two very small religious pictures hanging.  Since the boat surely must be blessed we decided there was no way we are going to remove the pictures and risk angering anyone.  So they will stay and we will just add our own personal touch to them.