Two things we read about looking for a boat.  First, get what you want.  Fixers turn out to be more expensive than spending more and getting everything initially.  And second, when you board the boat it will feel right.  Well if everything goes right with the survey on Friday, we have found Sereno.  She is a 1989 30 foot Catalina in really good shape. We are making more of a committment than we originally planned but it feels right.  We originally looked at older boats in the 18K range, but basically they were well older and didn’t have the electronics this boat has.  The owner took us out Sunday on the San Francisco Bay and what a blast (no seasickness for me!).  Still figuring it all out.  We need to find someone to crew with Gary for the trip from Sausalito to Benicia (about 4 hours) and we want to get the bottom painted while it is out for the survey.  Austin seems excited as he may go with Gary on Friday for the survey.  Not sure how it will all come together but we are enjoying the ride.  I’m glad I will have more things to post about now as we start our adventure with Sereno.