The beginning of our story is probably a lot like others.  We married some 30 years ago and learned to sail on a Force Five 14 foot sailboat.  We carried our dream of owning a sailboat through the years raising our son. We traveled a lot and spent some time on the water but never pursued our dream. Then last July, my employer of over 28 years decided to lay me off.  Needless to say it was one of those life changing moments and we began to rethink our plans.   With our son going off to college, Gary and I have started our quest to buy a sailboat, learn to sail a boat much bigger then 14 feet and hopefully eventually move aboard and start cruising. We both agreed on the name, surely finding a boat will be much easier 🙂 

Everyone keeps telling me that things happen for a reason.  Perhaps that is true. 

Austin, BVI’s summer 1998