I have been reading a lot of posts on the Cruisers Forum discussing why people chose to live aboard and cruise.  Many are escaping the issues facing us all in the US; the economy, too much government interference is common and crime.  I’m not sure Gary and I are doing this for any of those reasons, but last night we were sorely tested.  Our son had his truck broken into while he was at work.  It was parked in a well lighted grocery store parking lot.  They smashed his window, used a crow bar to totally destroy his dash-board to get his stereo out causing thousands of dollars in damage.  They took his backpack which thankfully had only a bathing suit and socks. Yes insurance will cover it but what a senseless act to a kid working to help pay for college.  But it is a lesson learned and there will be an alarm on the truck very soon.  Which brings up another topic of what insurance to get on the boat.  But I’ll save that fun discussion for another time.